IAPUCP at SemEval-2021 Task 1: Stacking Fine-Tuned Transformers is Almost All You Need for Lexical Complexity Prediction


This paper describes our submission to SemEval-2021 Task 1: predicting the complexity score for single words. Our model leverages standard morphosyntactic and frequency-based features that proved helpful for Complex Word Identification (a related task), and combines them with predictions made by Transformer-based pre-trained models that were fine-tuned on the Shared Task data. Our submission system stacks all previous models with a LightGBM at the top. One novelty of our approach is the use of multi-task learning for fine-tuning a pre-trained model for both Lexical Complexity Prediction and Word Sense Disambiguation. Our analysis shows that all independent models achieve a good performance in the task, but that stacking them obtains a Pearson correlation of 0.7704, merely 0.018 points behind the winning submission.

SemEval 2021
Fernando Alva-Manchego
Fernando Alva-Manchego

My research interests include text simplification, readability assessment, evaluation of natural language generation, and writing assistance.